Sharing Our Love of Music


45 Years of Music

   The group began in 1974 under the creation and direction of Ella Terry.  She had recently retired and was looking for things to do to remain active.  While attending an Edina Senior Citizen's meeting, she was so encouraged that she volunteered to start and lead the group which began as the Edina Swinging Singing Seniors.  During Ella's tenure, the group made a major impact while performing at a variety of venues including at The Aquatennial, The Mall of America and numerous senior citizen sites.  For her significant efforts, Ella was honored as Edina's Outstanding Senior Citizen in 1980 and continued on as the group's director until about 1993.
     During Ella's tenure, the group performed much as a vaudeville troupe with programs that centered around a particular theme. This format continued until the early 2000's when the group began evolving into its present format as a "sing-along-with-us" group. With the change in format came the new and current name of the group: The Edina Singing Seniors.
     After Ella left, several people have become directors over the years including Carl Carlson, Art Stumne, Lois Marquardt and Fritz Christensen. Today we are pleased to have Linda Stubbs as our director, who brings enthusiasm and professional musical expertise from both teaching and directing.
     The group's piano accompanists have been Bea Gunderson, Tony Schaefer, Joyce Williams, and Russ King. Today we are pleased to have Fran Linhart as our versatile and talented piano accompanist. Fran is often joined by Denise Cochran and Dave Walters who round out the music with their guitars as well as Joe Soderlund on the clarinet.   
      The group's affairs are managed by a Leadership Committee with representatives from different functions within the organization.